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About Us. Kosmosman the Worldly Man. It all started from a conversation one evening at home, among friends. Reminiscing about family old and new. Telling stories of traditions, up bring, old habits and new habits.

I remembered my dad telling me stories of my grandfather, his life and most of all his shaving ritual. How he would place a table, chair, small shaving mirror and large bowl of hot water outside in the courtyard of his house in the village. A towel draped over his shoulders around the back of the neck and all his shaving utensils laid out neatly in front of him. His shaving ritual would take about an hour or so. Each time using the same technique. Firstly sharpening the straight razor on his leather strop then softening his beard with hot water, mixing a thick rich lather with his brush and bowl. Slowly and gently shaving away his growth.

My dad’s shaving ritual was much the same but much quicker. He would use a Double Edge Safety Razor instead of a straight razor. He would always say “It’s just like shaving with a straight razor but much quicker and safer”. Still making a rich creamy lather with a brush and a bowl. Dad’s ritual would also incorporate an after shave balm and cologne and shaving in the bathroom and not outside.

That’s how I was taught to shave and have been shaving like that all my shaving life.

My friends would say “Wow what a great way to look after yourself. That’s what is missing in our generation. But who has the time to shave like that?” After explaining that shaving with a double edge safety razor, shaving brush and soap or cream is a much more enjoyable experience, better for our skin, more economical and doesn’t take that mush more time than shaving with a disposable razor and shaving foam.

There is nothing wrong in making shaving enjoyable and not a chore.

95% of them have now converted to Wet Shaving and will never go back to disposable razors. Two of them are even using straight razors.

That’s what has driven me to open a store dedicated just to Men. Share my passion for wet shaving, male care and grooming,

Kosmosman the Worldly Man.

MEN it’s time we look after ourselves.


 Paul (Apostolos in Greek) Fanariotis